Do you like to work on solving problems together? Quest rooms in the actually make it fun. Quest room platforms like Escape Hour (located in Edmonton) let anyone try this interesting and entertaining team game.

These escape games are based on the same principle, but they’re actually pretty different from one another. The final goal may not always be the same. For example, in a locker room, you have to find the way out. Other times, it’s more about solving a specific riddle. Without a doubt, it can be pretty challenging, but in a fun way.

Quest rooms are all about finding clues. That’s the only way to progress. Sometimes a solution can strike you unexpectedly. Other times, you arrive at a solution together with your team mates. Usually there is a specific plot in the game. It adds to the experience and provides more immersion.

What makes quest rooms truly special? Probably it’s the fact that they give people something that they rarely receive elsewhere: a sense of mystery. People naturally love all kinds of mysteries because they invoke imagination and cause anticipation. Mysterious quests and riddles have always been a major cultural theme. One of the world’s best selling authors, Agatha Christie, was an author of detective crime stories. They achieved enormous success all over the world, almost in every country. Because of their intricate plot, the reader was inundated with niggling questions that had no immediate answer, and one had to greedily flip through the pages in search of the final answer, often surprising and unexpected. When you play a quest room, you get the same niggling sensation of mystery and suspense, encouraging you to continue searching for clues.

Escape Hour

The great advantage of these games is that you can become a real hero. Escape Hour offers games with interesting plots that let you become totally immersed in the game process. Whether it’s the Matrix theme or 5 Elements, it’s you who’s in charge of things now, and the fate of the game world depends on you.

Escape Hour, located in Edmonton and Calgary, is one of the most immersive quest room places in Canada. By trying one of its numerous games, you can experience a truly atmospheric game environment. This is a great way to spend leisure time together with your friends, family or coworkers. All the game rooms differ by difficulty, and there’s also a game master ready to help. Come to Escape Hour and see it for yourself.


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