A dispenser is not only an addition to the cosmetic bottle – it is an internal part of the beauty product. Along with the outer wraps and the bottles, cosmetic pumps are the first of the elements noticed by the customer. So it’s important to design cosmetic pump bottles to blow their minds from the beginning. However, the dispenser is mercilessly tested right after purchase. This is the time when containing cosmetics pump bottle has to be enough functional and economic to tempt the customer to re-purchase.

What makes a pump cap comfortable?

Cosmetic pumps that close cosmetic bottles are a simple, but really practical solution that absolutely changes the comfort of using the product. The huge advantage of a cosmetic pump is the ability to measure the proper amount of beauty product. The pump helps to apply it in an optimum way. When you use the cosmetic pump bottle, you keep control of the amount of liquid that is spilling out of the dispenser. As a result, the product is efficient and holds out for more time. Furthermore, you save more money buying a bottle with the pump.

Safety in travel

Cosmetic pump caps are also easy to use. Their construction protects every drop of cosmetics from spilling. Thats why they can be easily carried in make-up bags and purses. Many cosmetic pumps can have an extra option of controlling the range of opening and closing it, by spinning the nut.
An interesting form of cosmetic pump is the one that makes a fluffy foam. It works perfectly in face cleansing gels, makeup removers, or shower gels. Customers appreciate that kind of pump for making the product more efficient and for changing its formula to be more sensitive.

Hygiene and safety

Another advantage of using pump caps is isolating the contents from external factors. The formulas are hermetically closed in the bottles, so its nearly impossible for bacteria and dirt from the outside to get into the bottle. Beauty products with cosmetic pumps can be fresh and useful for a little more than their expiration date.

How to choose the best pump cap?

You can find multiple shapes and designs of cosmetic pumps. Before you decide on a certain type of dispenser, you need to answer a few questions that will help you find the best kind of cosmetic pump cap. The questions are as follows:
• Is it easy to use?
• Is the cap’s material durable?
• Does it look appealing?

Perfect pump caps for your beauty products will meet all three criteria. The more user-friendly it is, the more customers will buy your product. Choose wisely to give your customers a pleasant experience from the beginning to the very end.


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