Modern vacuum meat stuffers are machines design for meat processing facilities and catering establishments of various types. It is used in the sausage making process and can definitely speed it up. They will help to improve production in virtually any food processing plant, both smaller and larger. Convenience and ease of use will make your  and your employees work more enjoyable. Modern solutions used by the manufacturers of these machines make it possible to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. You want your business to run smoothly? – check out our full offer of butchery machines.

Modern Vacuum stuffer – we offer only top quality equipment

At ERY Food Machinery, we offer high-class vacuum stuffers used for precise and efficient filling sausages and other meat products. Usage of our machines ensure maximum stuffing tenderness and precision. Every gastronomic meat stuffer provides outstanding speed and productivity. The process of stuffing sausages has never been so quick! Combination of stainless steel and smooth surfaces allows for easy cleaning. Vacuum stuffers in our assortment differ in size, power, and capacity, so there is something for everyone – small catering establishments and large meat processing factories.

Devices for the food industry – ERY Food Machinery offer

RY Food Machinery offers both used butches machinery and new equipment for the food industry. We have a lot of experience with modern equipment for businesses such as restauranst, catering establishments and butcher shops. Regardless of the type of business, we are confident that we have the equipment you need to run your day-to-day operations. You will find large industrial food mixers and dicers, as well as ergonomic stakers and slicers. Every piece of machinery is carefully selected and tested and comes from the best known manufacturers in this industry, so you know that you will get the highest quality possible.

Used equipment from our assortment are devices that are all the time in perfect condition because are continuously serviced. Despite its previous use it is still reliable and resy to work non stop for many years. A lower price does not always mean a lower quality product. We care about our clients and we always make sure they are happy with their purchase.

Do you want to buy machines or production lines for whole facilities? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tell you about the technical condition, service, and maintenance of the device you are interested in.


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