There is a large group of men and women who have never done it and have no idea what to do about it. How to bake a cake?

Cake types

Shortcrust pastry

As the name implies, this is a cake that will have a crispy texture when baked. It comes in two varieties: dry and sweet. Butter, flour, sugar and water are used for real shortcrust pastry. Some patience is needed to make such a dough, which is why yolk is often added to it. Then the ingredients will combine faster.

Sponge cake 

Sponge cake is a light cake, which mainly consists of eggs and sugar. There is very little flour in it. The main secret of the biscuit is the whipping of eggs, which happens that for beginners it can be a difficult dough. Poorly beaten eggs may cause that the dough will not rise or rise and fall heavily.

Sponge cake II

Sponge cake is a mixture of shortcrust pastry and sponge cake. This cake is very simple and very quick to make, although many people panic when preparing it. The main ingredients are butter, flour, eggs and sugar, possibly leavening agents or baking powder. Why are we so afraid of this cake so often? First, mix the butter long enough to make it light and fluffy. And then we add eggs to it, mixing each time. And at this moment there is a shock, because the mass looks as if it has delaminated and weighed. This is normal !!! After adding flour, the dough has a uniform consistency again.

Yeast dough

As the name suggests, this is a dough for which we need a natural conditioner, i.e. yeast. Yeast cakes are very popular with us, probably most of you used to eat grandma’s bun. The main ingredients of the dough are flour, yeast and liquid (most often milk). Yeast cakes are quite laborious but the effects are delicious. The labor intensity is mainly in the fact that the dough needs time to “rise”, or increase the volume.

How to bake a cake?

Equipment needed


Like a trivial matter, but ovens usually have many functions and often get from you the question on which particular cake was baked. If there is no specific recommendation for baking, I will always bake in the top-down option. If zakalce comes out to you (i.e. the cake is not baked inside), turn the knob to heat only from the bottom.


There are two main types of mixers: manual and planetary. In manual mixers they rotate around their axis, they are also quite small, compact and much cheaper mixers. Planetary mixers in which the mixers rotate around their axis and additionally around the bowl, are large, heavy and expensive. If you are at the beginning of the road with cakes, a hand mixer is 100% enough for you


In addition to spoons, bowls and wipes, a container with a measuring cup or just a kitchen scale on which you can measure the ingredients will definitely be useful.

Quite an important element in the kitchen are wooden toothpicks or skewers. Thanks to them we will check if the cake is already baked. We stick a stick in the middle of the cake. If after removing the stick is wet and stuck with raw dough, the dough is not ready yet. If the toothpick is dry, the dough can be easily pulled out of the oven. This method does not work with brownie, meringue or cheesecake cakes.

The simplest cake

  • 1 1/4 cup wheat flour
  • 5 eggs
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 flat teaspoons of baking powder
  • 3/4 cup potato flour
  • 1 margarine

Beat the whole eggs into a fluffy mass with sugar. Add mixed flour and baking powder.

Finally, add cooled melted margarine. Pour the cake onto the cake tin. Bake for about 40 minutes at 160 degrees. Cool the powder with powdered sugar …



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