Sweet, juicy watermelons from their own cultivation capture the magic of summer with an explosive taste that cannot be compared with the taste of their cousins ​​bought in stores. Like the cousin’s ear – cantaloupe, watermelons require 2-3 months of hot weather to produce ripe fruit, which makes growing them in the northern regions a challenge. How to cut a watermelon?

Watermelon requirements

Watermelon requires warm soil. Do not plant plants in the garden until the soil temperature reaches about 21˚C, which usually occurs during the period of flowering of peonies in the northern zones. It is safest to wait up to a minimum of 2 weeks after the last frost date in your region. After planting, cover the soil with black plastic non-woven fabric to accelerate soil heating. Due to the fact that watermelons are difficult to feed, prepare the bed for planting by fertilizing the substrate with seaweed, compost or composted manure. For better fertilization efficiency, soil pH should be between 6.0 and 6.8, however, plants will tolerate lower pH – even 5.0. If you live close to a horse farm, another method that gives good results is to dig the soil to a depth of 30 cm, add a 23 cm layer of fresh manure, and then cover with an 8-cm layer of soil mixed with compost.

Harvest and storage

Watermelons ripen typically for 2 weeks. When one fruit is ripe, the next will ripen soon. About a week before the fruit ripens, water the plants when necessary to protect the creeping stalks from wilting. Suspending water supply results in a concentration of sugars in the fruit. Too much water limits sweetness. You can determine the ripeness of the fruit based on the color of the skin. Round changes from light to dark green and the part that comes into contact with the earth changes from greenish white or straw to intense cream-yellow.

How to cut a watermelon?

Watermelon – a delicious and juicy fruit that perfectly quenches thirst on summer days. Most often we cut it into a traditional watermelon smile. I have such a memory from my childhood. But this is not the only way. I know a few clever ways how to cut a watermelon – so that it is not only nice, but also practical.

How to cut a watermelon?

How to cut a watermelon – method 1

Cut the watermelon in half. I cut off the ends on both sides. I cut the whole into about 2cm stripes.

Now I cut the same stripes the other way.

In this way I received watermelon cubes.

I transfer them to the plate one at a time. If you want to leave a watermelon in the shape of such a chopped hemisphere, it’s best to cut it already on the plate on which it is to be served.

How to cut a watermelon – method 2

With this method I use ice cream sticks. I cut the watermelon half in half. If the watermelon is large, I cut each quarter in half. I cut the tips and cut the slices.

I cut the skin with a knife and then push the ice cream stick.

Children like it very much on a stick.

How to cut a watermelon – method 3

This method is completely simple, but I use it very much when I receive guests. There is no philosophy, and all you need is toothpicks and a spoon to make fruit balls.



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