Lessons for adults can be a nice form of spending time and some real fun. Sounds unbelievable? Nothing could be more wrong because that is exactly what English lessons for adults can be, and all thanks to the right ESL lesson plans for adults. Read this article and get to know how to create an engaging lesson for adults.

An engaging introduction to English lessons

The most important moment of the lesson is the first minutes. It is up to them whether the learners will be engaged. If the beginning is surprising and creative, it will quickly be remembered and thus arouse curiosity. Thanks to such emotions, it is easier to prepare a creative lesson. There are plenty of ways to do this, so you could use, for example, a funny meme, an infographic, a scene from a well-known film or an image of a famous person as an introduction to the lesson. However, it is important to be able to use these materials to initiate a space for discussion in an interesting way, which is a great warm-up exercise. ESL lesson plans for adults have the important advantage of enabling the tutor to create a coherent lesson easily and quickly.

An effective ending

Many adult learners also expect an attractive and substantive conclusion to the lesson. This is a very important stage of the lesson, aimed at a smooth and effective revision of the acquired knowledge. Unfortunately, the last minutes of a lesson are a time of impaired concentration, so it is worth relying on interactive methods such as games and quizzes. A substantive summary of the lesson does not mean boredom and lack of creativity. On the contrary, because adult learners often have exactly such expectations of lessons!

Diverse materials

The use of many types of materials makes it possible to create varied lessons that often surprise learners. This diversity can be understood in many ways, as they can be:

  • Different language levels (from A1 to C2)
  • Various forms of materials (from texts through graphics to videos)
  • Many topics to choose from: from popular and general topics such as fashion, art and beauty to interesting facts from the world of science and technological news, etc.

    ESL lesson plans for adults offer a lot of inspiration and ideas for an interesting and creative lesson that can provide many positive impressions! It will not only have all these features, but it will also be perfectly planned and therefore coherent. All these positives will certainly be appreciated by adult learners!


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