Covers for IKEA furniture take on an individual, unique expression when combined with striking covers. In our shop, you will find replacements for the original covers of this Swedish brand, which will fit a range of furniture for your home – we are talking about sofas, armchairs, footstools, chairs, bar stools and chaise lounges, among others.

What do we excel at in the world of fabrics and covers?

Our range includes both timeless and suitable for any interior covers that are completely plain, as well as models with expressive embellishments such as English checks. We are also distinguished by an exceptionally extensive colour palette, from which you can choose textiles to match any interior. What definitely sets our replacement covers from the Scandinavian IKEA brand apart is the proven water repellent properties of the overwhelming majority of the covers in our range. Users of our textiles also emphasise the easy removal of stains with a damp cloth from covers made with easy-clean technology in materials such as eco leather or velour.

Covers perfectly matched to the furniture

The cover (and also slipcovers) is well-fitted to the furniture, just like those supplied by the furniture manufacturer. We have a quality control process in place to ensure a perfect fit of our products. All our covers are made from high quality upholstery fabrics from Polish manufacturers. When preparing our collection, we were guided primarily by the quality of the fabrics, their ease of cleaning and resistance to wiping. Soferia eco-leather fabrics are made of 100% high-quality polyurethane, thanks to which they do not crack or delaminate. They are characterised by excellent mechanical properties, are resistant to stretching, tearing and cracking, and have high elasticity.

They also include fabrics that have won prestigious furniture awards. Our range includes jacquard, chenille, plaid and other fabrics. When selecting each fabric, the type of fabric, composition, grammage, performance characteristics and Martindale test score are precisely specified. Most of our fabrics are washable.

Are hydrophobic fabrics easy to clean?

Hydrophobic fabrics are not easy-cleaning fabrics. Fabrics that do not absorb liquids, marked with the “Hydrophobic”label, are coated with a special Teflon that, in the event of a liquid spillage, collects the liquid droplets on the fabric surface (e.g. Nordic, Glam). On the other hand, those bearing the “Easy Clean”mark have an advanced protection system that makes any stains easily subject to the cleaning process (e.g. Naturel, Eco-Leather, Classic, Elegance).

Why should you pay attention to Martindale cycles when choosing an upholstery fabric?

Depending on the type of upholstery fabric (e.g. knit, chenille, plaid, etc.), a different scale of the number of cycles is adopted. The minimum required for normal use of the fabric in everyday life is 25,000 cycles, which means that any results above this limit, ensure high abrasion resistance of the fabric. With proper use, the easy-clean functions are active for up to 10 washing/cleaning cycles – meaning that the easy-clean properties, with proper use – can be active for several years, i.e. the full life of the furniture.


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