Continuous integration is a process of frequently integrating the code in single shared, and this process helps to examine repositories effectively. Continuous delivery is a process of continuously delivering the products to the production environment stored in those repositories. Continuous integration and continuous delivery help you to float your products into the market before any of your competitors, as well as release updates and error fixing to keep your customers satisfied and happy.

Top 10 benefits of CI/CD

Here we are going to discuss the Top benefits of continuous delivery and continuous integration;

Smaller changes in code

One main technical advantage of continuous integration and continuous delivery is that it permits to integrate the small blocks of code at one time. Changes in small code blocks are not only uncomplicated but also simple to handle huge chunks of code. Due to fewer issues, these code blocks are easy to be repaired at later if needed.

Fault isolation

Fault isolation is a process of designing the system in such a way that negatives outcomes occur in a limited scope. These limited number of errors minimize the potential for damaging and makes it easier to maintain.

Faster time to resolution

Mean time to resolution helps to maintain the repairable features and sets the meantime to repair any bug. The purpose of this is to track the time spent to recover any code block from failure. CI/CD helps to reduce the meantime because the code changes are smaller, and fault identification is easy.

Testing reliability

Continuous integration and continuous delivery can increase testing reliability due to size in bits and specific changes introduced into the system. Reliable testing helps to conduct more accurate positive and negative tests. Testing reliability by using continuous integration and continuous delivery can also be called Continuous reliability.

Faster releasing rate

CI/CD methodologies not only help to detect errors faster and also solve those errors quickly. The fast repairing process will lead to an earlier releasing rate. However, continuous releases are only possible if the source code is delivered by using the frequent moving system.

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Smaller backlog

Usage of continuous integration and continuous delivery system in the developmental stages reduce the non-critical defects in your development backlog. These defects can be measured after production and are fixed before releasing it to end-users.

Customer satisfaction

CI/CD not only helps in technical aspects but also increase the organizational scope. The new customers first try to make-or-break-it your product at any time.

Team transparency and accountability

CI/CD helps to collect feedback continuously from your customers as well as from team members. This process helps to increase the transparency of any issues in the team and encourage accountability.

Reduce cost

Automation in CI/CD minimizes the number of errors that can occur in any repetitive steps of CI/CD. The automated process reduces the developer’s time and costs to fix down any error that can occur at any stage.

Easy maintenance and update

Maintenance and updates are a very crucial part of any software product. It is suggested never to try to update any system during the peak traffic time by updating any changes in the code.

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